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Silver Arts Award  

An image of a door in a dark room opening up. Silver stars surround the door.

Silver Arts Award in ANY art form or creative pursuit!

The award can even cover a variety of different art forms - it *does not* have to be only one specialism; and if you like the look of any of our Bronze projects they can be upgraded to a Silver Award. 

"Art" in this context is not just traditional "arts" like painting, drawing and sculpting; but include many other creative pursuits. Things like:

Drama or other performing arts
Fashion design
Cake decorating
Game design
Jewellery making

This list is not exhaustive - if you enjoy something creative and want to know if it's acceptable ASK!!


Strictly available to students aged 14+

Students work at and are assessed at comparable standards to a GCSE grades 9-4 (was A*-C). It is level 2 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework and has a total qualification time of around 95 hours.

There are two separate and distinct units to the Silver Award but both have equal weighting:

Unit 1 is about arts practice and art form development. 

Unit 2 is about developing leadership skills in the arts. 

START DATE: Available to start NOW. Students work at their own pace and to their own timetable, meeting with the Arts Award Advisor (on Zoom) on mutually agreed dates.

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