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The Team

a photo of Vanessa from Home Ed Hub
a photo of David from Home Ed Hub

Hi, I am Vanessa and I home educate both my children.


My husband and I decided years before even having kids that we would provide them with the "ultimate private education" by teaching them ourselves.


There are so many reasons behind that decision, including a desire to give them personal attention in their learning journeys and also to spend quality time together as a family. We are not hippies nor anti-establishment, we just sincerely want our children to have the best possible education from "teachers" that truly love them and have their best interests at heart.

Why start Home Ed Hub?

As a stay-at-home, work-from-home, home-educating mum I fully understand the stresses and responsibilities of providing a full-time well rounded education; providing sufficient social opportunities; and access to activities that might not be available without external support.  

Hence the idea for starting a facility for fellow parents like myself.


I also really enjoy working with children, and there's a definite sense of accomplishment watching them grow and develop in skills that I've played a part in nurturing.  Having been an active member of the local home educating community since my children were toddlers, I've watched many of the local home ed children bloom.

This is David (aka "The Husband") Full time, hands-on dad who is also very active within the home ed community. David helps facilitate academic lessons, with a particular interest in mathematics, the sciences and woodworking. As a qualified accountant and a local business owner he brings much practical real-life experience to our sessions (especially the IGCSE Accounting classes that started in September '22!).


He is also our in-house Arts Award Advisor.

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