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Home Ed Hub started in 2016 when our own children were KS1/2. It has grown and adapted along with our children so that the target audience we support matches them, and all the classes and activities we provide are what our own children will participate in and benefit from. They are now in KS3/4.


We facilitate as well as organise 3rd party workshops; we offer tutoring in various subjects; and also do arts and crafts. More detail about the things we offer and our current prices can be found on the individual event listings or adverts.


Children are welcomed from all backgrounds.

Those with complex additional needs wishing to attend drop-off activities will have to be assessed on an individual basis after consultation with the parents to establish whether all needs can be met.


All appropriate enquiries have been made to ensure that no director, employee or voluntary helper is, or is obliged to be, listed on the Sex Offenders Register pursuant to the Sex Offenders Act 1997 (as amended by the Sexual Offences Act 2003).


We hold full “Public Liability” insurance.


We are exempt from Ofsted registration.

Home Ed Hub is registered with Trinity College London as an Arts Award Centre.

Home educated children enjoying learning activities together.

About Us

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