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Examine a burglary scene with a highly experienced CSI, providing a fascinating insight into the world of forensic investigations.

Participants with be provided with suitable forensic clothing and equipment to investigate a staged burglary scene. As part of the experience participants will be powdering and lifting fingermark evidence, testing for DNA, analysing witness accounts, submitting exhibits for forensic analysis and finally identifying the burglar!

The workshop is run by The Forensic Experience. Hayley Scott is a former Crime Scene Examiner with 14 years experience working with the Metropolitan Police. She brings her skills and great enthusiasm to stage interactive events. ​

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SuperStar Awards are a great introduction to problem-solving in STEM. They offer children the opportunity to learn through hands-on challenges by exploring the world around them.

The challenge

The children will complete EIGHT SuperStar activities and record these in their CREST SuperStar passport*. Each one involves solving a real-world problem. 

The outcome

The children develop their investigative and teamwork skills. After completing all eight challenges, each child will receive a CREST SuperStar certificate and iron-on badge.


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Inspero are collaborating with Home Ed Hub to offer an exclusive "Grow & Cook" Programme for home educated children in Basingstoke. Target age range 8-12 and is a DROP OFF session.

DROP OFF at 11:00

- Children will spend time out in the gardens learning about food growing (with particular emphasis on vegetables and herbs) and horticulture.
- They will also learn about healthy eating and nutrition while preparing and cooking their lunch, which they will all enjoy eating together towards the end of the session.
- They will have ample opportunity to enjoy the fresh air playing and running about outside.
- Most of the cooking will be done on camping stoves or induction hobs, and there are also plans to complete an outdoor kitchen that will include a pizza oven :)

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Guide age is 12+ but mature 10+ may be considered (please enquire).

There are only TWO spaces available on each date and students will work in our studio in Hatch Warren Basingstoke. It takes up to three hours working to the students' pace and including breaks.

Sessions start at 10:00 and are DROP OFF *unless* the child has specific SEN that requires parental assistance. For example, if your child has difficulty following instructions, or has major behavioural challenges. (feel free to PM to discuss if you are unsure).

All equipment & materials are provided.
One complete ballpoint pen is made and taken home. Equipment used includes a bandsaw, drill press, cordless drill, lathe, and pen press.

A certificate of completion is also awarded at the end and signed with the pen that has just been made!