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Tuesdays 18 January - 5th April '22
2pm - 3pm

A great way for tweens and teens to de-stress and to make new friends while exploring their creative side. Crafty, arty, and some creative writing thrown in.

I will guide this class by working alongside and creating my own journal with them! We will share ideas, suggestions, and encouragement. Students will be welcome to “show off” their work if they’re comfortable doing so.

We will have different theme each week to give a specific focus but students are encouraged to add to their journal in-between sessions and to collect and record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration as the mood takes them!


Journals are unique to each individual and there is no wrong way to create them.

Starting Tuesday 18 January (2pm-3pm) and running for 12 consecutive weeks, including half-term.

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A seven-week drawing and sketching project suitable for all abilities.

Each weekly session is 90 minutes long and will focus on a different drawing technique then completing a drawing using that technique.

Classes take place ON ZOOM on Tuesday mornings from 9am – 10:30 on the following dates:

• 1 Feb Hatching
• 8 Feb Cross Hatching
• 15 Feb Tonal technique

BREAK (22 Feb half term)

• 1 March Stipple
• 8 March Scumble
• 15 March Smudge
• 22 March - Each student to choose the technique/s they prefer and complete a drawing of their choice.


You will need an artist’s sketchbook or sketchpad and a variety of sketching pencils, along with a sharpener and eraser.

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Starts Thursday 3 February '22
1pm - 2:30pm

Aimed at mature age 12+

A six week group project leading to the completion of a Bronze Arts Award.  The project will explore:

- the contemporary art of British artist Chris Ofili CBE, who made art using elephant dung

- learning about six historic works of art found in the Louvre (by means of a virtual tour)

- and learning the basic steps to start creating your own pencil drawings

The group will work under the direct supervision and guidance of the Arts Award Advisor in each of the six sessions*(fn 1)

Each session will last between 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on that week’s workload)

A PDF Portfolio template will be provided in advance and the group will spend time each week completing the relevant sections. This group will be expected to produce a  physical portfolio with written or typed content  as well as other physical records like photographs and drawings*(fn 2)

Portfolios will be submitted for moderation late Spring 2022


*fn1: The entire project might be complete within 5 weeks rather than 6 depending on the group dynamics. 

There is NO SESSION during Feb Half Term

*fn 2: Some Arts Award projects can be completed with audio or video evidence, however this is not applicable to this particular group project

Tuesdays 1 February - 22 March '22
09:00 - 10:30

Monday 7 March
08:00 - 09:30

Early morning class with our tutor Cassandra: An introduction to painting techniques and colour theory.


Suitable for all ages.

Monday 7th March
8am - 9:30

Learn the basics of colour theory that includes:

- The colour wheel and the different elements
- Putting the theory into practice by mixing secondary colours and the 2/3 values attached to each colour
- Using those secondary colours to paint a simple picture

Supplies needed: acrylic paints in RED, BLUE, YELLOW, and WHITE, paint brushes in various sizes and a canvas (any size).

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First Monday each month - except January and August
2pm - 3pm

A monthly club for young stamp collectors to share their hobby together.

We usually play philatelic themed games, show off and swap stamps, write penpal letters to each other, and generally chat, do some related crafts, and enjoy the company of other postage stamp enthusiasts.


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Starts Monday 14 March
2pm - 3pm

Fun and interactive three-part project discovering one of the most remote islands in the world and Britain’s second oldest oversees territory

Aimed at ages 10-13ish ON ZOOM

We'll learn about St Helena’s connection with science, maths, and astronomy through Sir Isaac Newton’s colleague and patron Edmund Halley (Have you heard of Halley’s comet? The most famous comet in history) 

We’ll also learn about Napoleon Bonaparte who was exiled to the island in 1815. 

Oh and let’s not forget St Helena’s most famous resident: Jonathan the Tortoise! 


Monday afternoons on the 14th, 21st, and 28th March
2pm-3pm followed by social breakout rooms if you'd like to stay.

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1:1 Woodworking Tuition
Various Dates and Times
Subject to Availability

Guide age is 12+ but mature 10+ may be considered (please enquire).

Due to current Covid safeguarding protocols* these sessions are only available on selected dates for the time being, and class sizes have been reduced from two students to only one at a time - unless they are siblings.


Tuition is done onsite at our studio/workshop in Hatch Warren Basingstoke. It takes up to three hours working to the students' pace and including breaks.

Sessions are DROP OFF *unless* the child has specific needs that require your assistance (feel free to ask if you are unsure). 

All equipment & materials are provided.

Project options include:

  • Pen making

  • Make a set of book ends

  • Make a jigsaw puzzle

  • Make a name plaque


Equipment used may include a bandsaw, drill press, cordless drill, lathe, scroll saw, callipers, and pen press.

*Students will be required to have a negative lateral flow test done on the morning of the workshop. The tutor will take the same measures. Masks must be worn at all times - not just for Covid reasons but also to protect from the inhalation of fine sawdust particles.